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The Way of Tea


Chado, the Japanese tea ceremony, was formed after the introduction of Zen Buddhism in Japan. It has developed over 400 years since the time of Rikyu, the founder of Chado.
Chado offers an opportunity to learn traditional Japanese etiquette and customs that help refine our manners while entertaining guests.

Four principles of Chado: Wa(harmony), Kei(respect), Sei(purity) and Jaku(tranquility).

和 / Wa / Harmony

To live harmoniously with each other

敬 / Kei / Respect

 To respect each other and treat everything around us with respect

清 / Sei / Purity

 To strive for purity of both mind and body

寂 / Jaku / Tranquility

 To have a mind that is always serene


Yasuko Takahashi, who was born in Hiroshima, came to Canada in 1993.
She is a 1st- degree instructor of the Urasenke School of Tea and a kimono dressing instructor of Kyoto Kimono Gakuin.
The Way of Tea ( Chanoyu or Chado) has been her passion over the past twenty-five years. Yasuko believes that the tea spirit, understanding, and sharing the mutual moment of peaceful communication between host and guests through a bowl of tea, can bring peace to this troubled world.

She actively teaches in her authentic teahouse, Hakuho-an (白峰庵), which is located in North Vancouver overlooking a beautiful Japanese garden. Yasuko hosted several fundraising tea ceremonies in support of charities such as "Food for the Hungry" in 2017, "Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven in 2022, "Harvest Project" in 2023, and "Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief" in 2024.

The instructor is available for hosting tea ceremony demonstrations in her teahouse, or various locations upon request. Yasuko can be reached at

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